Simulation of a miked guitar cabinet based on a subset ("JJ Powertube Impulses") of GuitarHack's impulse responses (if you know how to contact GuitarHack, let me know!).



     • combine two individually adjustable channels
     • various microphone positions


Use it after a real or simulated guitar preamp for practicing, mixing, etc...
I like playing like this: preamp → stereo effects → simulated cabinet → headphones


Usage: Use it after a real or simulated guitar preamp.
Supported sample rates: 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz, 96kHz, 192kHz
For low latency with the stand-alone version, Linux version currently requires a running JACK server. Windows version works best with ASIO.


Plugin version: Just place the folder wherever you like and tell your DAW where to find it!
Stand-alone version: Just execute the executable included in the root folder of the zip archive!


This software is still of beta-quality, so do not use it for projects where no crash may occur!
Windows versions should run from Windows XP upward. You might need to install Visual C++ Redistributable.

Version: 0.0.0

Windows VST 32bit* VST 64bit*
  Stand-alone 32bit   Stand-alone 64bit 
Linux VST 32bit* VST 64bit*
  Stand-alone 32bit  Stand-alone 64bit 
* Due to the complicated VST2 license situation no VST2 plugin
  can be downloaded at the moment.


What about other plugin formats?
A LV2 version as well as support for MacOS is expected to come soon!


The source code of this plugin is released under GPLv3. If you want to have it, please contact me!


If you like this plugin, consider donating to me!